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RA3 was formed to better service the working participants in the Web3 ecosystem and industry.

As with any young industry, the dynamics between founders, investors, team members, service providers and users are growing, developing, shifting and changing.

Within our individual contributions to the Web3 evolution, we realised visionary founders are underserved in terms of guidance, support and resource. So much so that innovative concepts and use cases for the latest technologies are being delayed, suffering undue setbacks and failing as a result of problems that may have been prevented in earlier stages.

With our innate passion for helping others, what better opportunity to pool our knowledge, integrate our areas of expertise and collaborate to serve the underserved in a lean, precise, digestible format and play our part in advancing the Web3 story,


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With the coming of age of blockchain, decentralisation and a societal evolution  – we band together to ensure a powerful resource of good is available to those who seek it. 

RA3 represents a collaboration, decentralised in itself – made up of experts in their respective fields from around the world, to deliver a precisely effective dose of help in a modern, professional and advanced format. 

We specialise in directing efforts of help to founders developing technology for the betterment of the world. DAOs, democratised investing, decentralised finance, community/social impact driven NFTs and more…

By participating in Web3, we play our part in aiding those slowly but surely drive societal innovation. At RA3, we seek to truly honour the human nature of kindness and help, with resolute professionalism and cutting edge expertise to ensure our kindness is an effective force for good.

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RA3 is made up a broad range of characters and capabilities, across the globe.